End-Of-Life Care and Palliative Care Service

A fully managed End-Of-Life Care service and Palliative Care

Having palliative care does not mean you are imminently coming to the end of your life although in most cases palliative care leads to end of life care eventually, however, some people have palliative care for a lengthy time before their condition worsens significantly. At FDR Social Care we believe that when living with a life-threatening health condition it is important that the focus is on your quality of life and supporting you achieve that will always be at a pivotal point of what we do. We look at your care and support from a holistic view ad not just your illness alone. Our carers will also be there to support you and your loved ones with the emotional aspects of your illness, whether you need a listening ear, someone to hold your hand or even just to for example put the kettle on for a hot drink.

At FDR social care we also hold that when a family member or a loved one are approaching the final months or weeks of life, it’s imperative and very important to know that they are going to be appropriately taken care of and will have the best and the finest possible quality of life. Receiving Palliative Care at the comfort of your own home allows you to pass away peacefully, with ample dignity and comfort as possible, in the familiar surroundings of your own home. A fully trained carer from FDR Social Care will be able to offer support with various tasks to make you feel very comfortable, safe and dignified, and allowing you to spend more precious time with the people you love and value in your life.

Your care team will ensure your needs and wishes are fully understood and met, so that you can have complete confidence that you’re receiving the right level of care. At FDR Social Care, we are able to also provide Visiting Care. This is where one of our carers will visit your home at agreed certain number of times each day or even week. We do also offer Live-in Care which involves one of our experienced carers moving in to your home to provide you with 24hrs of bespoke support and assistance.

We offer a 24hrs 7 days service and our options are fully flexible and are tailored around your individual needs, and all of our Carers are fully trained to support you compassionately with a different varied tasks for example toileting and mobility support or even to a more complex care such as support with catheters, preparing meals and Support with bathroom activities.  Contact us to learn more about palliative care