Support for NHS-funded Home Care

FDR Social Care works with local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and continuing healthcare (CHC) teams, including clinical leads and nurse assessors, to discuss and arrange packages of NHS funded home care services. The all-embracing clinical experience of our nursing team allows us to work in partnership with all the relevant organisations to organise various short term as well as 24-hour home care packages for people with complex healthcare needs, for example dementia.

  1. Live-in Care (Supported Living Care) at FDR Social Care we also provide experienced Carers who can live with you in your home and be on hand whenever you need support. Our carers will be matched to your health needs, preferences, hobbies, personality among other personal choices. Our Carers aim to build a working relationship with you.  The Carers will also have our support teams working with them to cover for your live-in carer’s break or holidays.

FDR Social care will work alongside Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and continuing Healthcare (CHC) teams in your own local area to arrange packages of complex care that could be fully or partly funded by the NHS. We work collaboratively with other professionals for example, social workers and district nurses to make sure that you have the right level of support for all your health needs.

At FDR Social Care we cover the full range of home care services available, so our costs are based on your specific needs and requirements and this could be for example providing personal care, companionship, supporting for administering medication or support with more complex healthcare requirements.

Please contact us today to get a quote for your specific care needs. One of our advisers will give you an estimate over the phone there and then. The final price for your live-in care will be confirmed once your local care specialist has visited you in person to fully assess your needs.