Support for Younger People

FDR Social Care supports younger people from the age of 18 years and over, to live safely and comfortably in the home they love and feel comfortable. If you are a young person and looking for support that is tailored around your individual lifestyle and day to day routines, at FDR we can find a personal support worker that meet your specific needs.

Support for younger people (Tailored support that supports you play, work or even study)

You could be looking for extra support at university, work, at university or regular support to help you stay in your own home, we will match you with a support worker who will support you to continue living at home.

We have two types of services, Visiting Care or Live-in Care. Visiting care is mainly for short, frequent calls throughout the week, where for example you may need support for your shopping or someone to accompany you to social visits with friends. Our Live-in Care service is when a carer lives with you 24hrs a day to always be on hand for when you require support for example when you have a long-term health condition that requires specialised clinical intervention. Live-in carers may become more like a companion to you, rather than a just a carer and will accompany you to social events, work enabling you to live life to the full on your own terms. Speak to us today, we are here seven days a week to take your call.